Lethbridge Public Art 5 Public Art Collection 5 Iiyikítapiiyit! be brave, fearless!

Iiyikítapiiyit! be brave, fearless!

Hali Heavy Shield,



Heavy Shield has given us this insight into the mural process –

“Blackfoot tipi designs come to their makers in dreams. As an artist, I am a dreamer, and like my other artworks, Iiyikitapiiyit! visited me, wanting to be shared. The tipi is still considered “home” to Blackfoot families and we continue to use the tipi to camp during gatherings, ceremonies, and celebrations.

As the new Fire Hall Station #5 has found its new home on the westside Lethbridge, a mural that is reminiscent of a Blackfoot lodge design is appropriate. The colours red, white, and black are significant to me because they suggest themes such as protection, spirituality, earth, strength, and humanity. The cross symbol in the mural can be referred to as a ‘butterfly’ or ‘morning star’ and can be seen on many Blackfoot tipis. In addition, the white dots refer to clusters of stars such as the Big Dipper – a significant constellation in Blackfoot culture. These symbols honour our connections to the stars and sky and acknowledge this is where we harness the ability to be brave, fearless!”

Pronunciation: ee-ye-gi-da-bee-it

This mural is 9.6’ tall x 34.5’ wide.

(Approximate Location: 301 Macleod Dr W, Lethbridge, AB T1K 6L7)