Marjie Crop Eared Wolf ,


The Niitsitapi have a long-standing relationship with the area, which is known as Sikóóhkotok or Black Rock. This name refers to the coal found in abundance in southern Alberta which makes surviving harsh winters possible. Sikóóhkotok is also an annual wintering camp for the Niitsitapi. It is an area that we occupied long before the newcomer’s arrival and we continue to call this place home. Historical maps and schematics of Galt Gardens are overlaid with Blackfoot lodge designs, with permissions granted from the organizations and owners for each distinct design to be used in the final piece.

The artist also wanted to share this message from the Sage Clan: “Our Tipi was blessed to the community of Lethbridge as a hope of healing and for bringing the people together in the Blackfoot value and traditional teaching of Kimmapiiyipitssinni. We will be very honored to allow you to further that hope and valuable teaching. Thank You from SAGE Clan Patrol.”

(Approximate Location: Galt Gardens, 601 3rd Ave South, Lethbridge, AB)


Partnership with Opportunity Lethbridge