Spread Your Wings

Kelaine Devine,


When humans first conceived of flight, they raised their arms to mimic the birds that flew overhead. Five common birds in southern Alberta are depicted to-scale alongside references to the digital technology that oversee our modern flight systems. The radar screen facsimile stands in contrast with the jewel-toned feathers of each bird, a nod to ammolite — Lethbridge’s official gemstone. Before boarding, stand tall, spread your arms alongside each wingspan and imagine taking flight…

Golden Eagle | Otaikimmo’tokaan (207 cm / 81.5”)
Turkey Vulture | Piikoki (171.45 cm / 67.5”)
Osprey | Paahtsííksistsikomm (168 cm / 66”)
Red Tail Hawk | Ksikkapiitaipanikiim (127 cm / 50”)
Burrowing Owl | Maatáásii (32 cm / 13”)


Funded in partnership with the City of Lethbridge Art Program, the Lethbridge Airport and Tourism Lethbridge.