Gord Ferguson ,


This artwork was conceived during an artist’s residency at the McIntyre Ranch in southern Alberta in 2004. Strung is on long term loan to the Allied Arts Council. The overwhelming immensity of the place caused Ferguson to look closely at the small details in and around the ranch property. This piece is made from small pieces of pipe, tapered and welded together to form a strip of barbed wire in forced perspective.

“I imagined a section of barbed wire that diminished in size from very large to actual size and then set about trying to understand how to fabricate it. […] I’m interested in the terrain between images and objects and I like the notion that this piece might cause people to think about how we comprehend the world around us.” –Gord Ferguson

This piece is on long-term loan from the artist’s personal collection.

(Approximate Location: Second floor, Casa, 230 8th Street S, Lethbridge AB)


On long term loan from a private collection