Lethbridge Public Art 5 Public Art Collection 5 The Ball Is In Your Court

The Ball Is In Your Court

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins ,



The Ball is in Your Court is inspired by the intrinsic geometries of sport, while simultaneously referencing the divisions of space-within-space existing in the ATB Centre. Athletic exercises and sport are activities of measure. Many games involve the use of a ball and strategies for controlling space.

In the Galleria, five large-scale architecturally integrated artworks refer to the geometric divisions of athletic courts, creating a dialogue with architecture and sport through painting. Each artwork depicts a playful expression of solid geometric abstraction in motion, as colour and form compete for space. Motion lines and bounces suggest the movements of sport.

In the Gymnasium adjacent to the Galleria, five additional paintings, comprised of geometric solids with translucent overlays, express the lines and boundaries of playbooks as well as the dynamism of sport.

Overall, The Ball is in Your Court finds a ‘strategy’ for combining references to high art and abstraction, architecture and sport within the context of play and social interaction.

(Approximate Location: 74 Mauretania Rd W, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 5A8)