Large Projects

The City of Lethbridge Public Art Collection is growing and represents a unique and diverse selection of works.

A Departure, Ilan Sandler, 2009



    Aeolian Aviary

    Aeolian Aviary

    Aeolian Aviary is a sculptural sound installation. It combines the acoustic resonance of a wind and light sensitive string instrument with the dynamic emergence of a flock of cast aluminum birds. These birds, 67 in number, animate the gestures of flight from the...

    Catherine Ross and Denton Frederickson
    A Departure

    A Departure

    A Departure is based on three types of driver train wheels that have crossed the Alberta CPR High-Level Bridge since 1909. The sculpture components frame views of the bridge, the Oldman River Valley, the Galt Museum, and the University of Lethbridge.  When facing the...

    Ilan Sandler