Bit Portal

Marta Timmer,


The design project was intended to enhance the aesthetic of the wall while providing pedestrian traffic the opportunity to observe activity in the outdoor studio. This work is based on the imperfect nature of digital media and its susceptibility to pixelation. Focusing on the element of abstraction that occurs with digital media, this artwork blocks out portions of the gateway leaving pieces of what lays beyond visible.

The City of Lethbridge invited artists to participate in a design competition for an integrated public art work for a new community art centre that had been constructed in downtown Lethbridge. As the winning submission, Marta Timmer received a commission to provide the design for a two-panel gate (each design area approximately 34” x 65”) as well as a grill (design area approximately 24” x 50”) for an open section of a wall that was constructed around an outdoor courtyard on the north side of the facility. The artist was not responsible for fabrication or installation. The fabrication material and finish were chosen at the discretion of the owner.

(North side of building, Casa, 230 8th Street S, Lethbridge AB)