Connected Ribbon

Paul Reimer and Nathan Siemens,



The artists said, “Our concept for this project is to bring together three important elements:

  1. A unique and contemporary shape.
  2. The shape will allow skateboarders to interact with the artwork.
  3. The sculpture will provide the opportunity to artistically and prominently display the names of the donors who contributed to the SLP Skate Park.

Our philosophy is that a piece of art is an object that requires human interaction. Our intention is to incorporate the impact of the skateboardersʼ use of the sculpture as part of the creative process, both physically and emotionally. Over time, the creativity of the skateboarders will enhance and become part of the creativity of the artwork.”

The City of Lethbridge invited artists to participate in a two stage public art competition. The selected artist received a commission to design, fabricate and install a public artwork in conjunction with the SLP Skate Park project. The intent of this project was to provide a public artwork that recognizes the donors who made the construction of this much-desired community facility possible while enhancing the urban environment adjacent to the well-used skate park.

The names of all of the project donors had to be creatively incorporated into the work with the name of the major donor, SLP Industries Ltd, being presented in a more prominent manner. Although the work incorporates the donor’s names, this is first and foremost a Public Artwork project.

Approximate Location: 2305 Parkside Dr S, Lethbridge Alberta, Canada