Beany Dootjes,



Beany Dootjes is a Lethbridge-based installation artist whose work frequently references her passion for gardening. For this piece, she chooses to represent native wildflowers of Southern Alberta, focusing specifically on gaillardia (also known as blanket flower). Admiring a rich history of scientific botanical illustration, Dootjes deploys a simplified graphic line to capture intricate details. Here one can see the different stages of the plant’s life cycle from bud to seed to flower. She hopes that passersby will pause to consider the natural beauty surrounding us.


This piece was part of a Utility Box Wrap project with a total budget of $12,000 across 10 locations for artist fees, fabrication and installation.

"Gaillardia" by Beany Dootjes on the 13th Street North
"Gaillardia" by Beany Dootjes on the 13th Street North