Send Receive All

Jill Anholt ,


 Inspired by the forms, history and multiculturalism illustrated through Lethbridge’s rich heritage of postal correspondence, Send Receive All consists of three interrelated art components. The Screen artwork recalls the dynamic actions of paper folding for letters, parcels, and envelopes in preparation for mailing. The Sidewalk installation captures intriguing and curious phrases found within the archival correspondence of the building’s namesake and first postmaster: J.D. Higinbotham. Lastly, The Window graphics artwork distills a colourful visual timeline of Canadian postal history along with Lethbridge’s evolving multiculturalism through an engaging collage of local and global postal markings. Together, these three artworks galvanize the past, present and future of this dynamic community hub.

This is a partnership between the City of Lethbridge and Sumus.