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Takashi Iwasaki Artist Talk

Winnipeg-based Japanese artist Takashi Iwasaki is in Lethbridge July 13 to discuss the newest public art piece installed at the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens Visitor Centre. Located inside Cleo’s Café at the Bunka Centre, ‘Hinode’ is a multi-piece wooden sculpture, utilizing Canadian lumber and Japanese textile patterns and woodworking techniques to talk about the complicated history of relocation of the Japanese population throughout southern Alberta. With shapes that reference the Rocky Mountains, sugar beets, wheat, and the sun, this five-piece wood structure is left unstained as an ode to the natural beauty of the prairies and plains. Visible from both the interior and exterior of the Bunka Centre ‘Hinode’ is an impressive fusion of Canadian and Japanese sensibilities.

His talk will take place at the Nikka Yuko Bunka Centre on Wednesday, July 13 at 7:00pm.

The front detail of Interwoven Legacies by Karla Mather-Cox on a Zamboni
The outside of the Logan Boulet Ice Centre depicting Interwoven Legacies by Karla Mather-Cox across the top windows.