Lethbridge Public Art 5 Calls 5 Mural Mentee Needed
Mural Mentee Needed

Mural Mentee Needed

April 13, 2022

Mural Mentee Needed
The City of Lethbridge has recently contracted ceramic artist Susan Day from London, Ontario to complete a handmade tile mosaic mural on the Legacy Park picnic shelter located in Legacy Park on the north side of Lethbridge. As part of this project, Susan will also mentor a local emerging artist. The paid mentorship will provide an artist with an introduction to the mosaic process, a trip to Day’s Toronto Studio, and provide them with the skills to work independently on future projects.

Susan will be installing an innovative and inventive mosaic mural The New Nature. The mosaic will be comprised of thousands of handmade tiles as well as mirrored tile pieces, creating a compelling and engaging entrance to Legacy Park.

Learn more about this amazing summer opportunity.

Deadline for submissions is April 22, 2022

The front detail of Interwoven Legacies by Karla Mather-Cox on a Zamboni
The outside of the Logan Boulet Ice Centre depicting Interwoven Legacies by Karla Mather-Cox across the top windows.